A typical day

A typical morning at Glenridge Pre Primary School begins at 7:15 am when children start to arrive. The teachers are available from 7.30 and morning classroom activities are presented to the early arrivals. Children are allocated to a group according to their age (2 to 6 years) –  The Yellow and Red Groups make up our Junior Unit and the Orange, Green and Blue Groups are the Grade 00 and 0 classes.

The school programme officially begins at 8:00 with the “Greeting Ring” where news is shared, weather discussed, language extended and the day’s exciting events are laid out. This organized period sets the tone for the day and is a vital time for the children to settle down into the daily routine.

After the Greeting Ring, the Grade 0 children begin their School Readiness activities and the younger children participate in the “Skills” programme. All of the children are given opportunities to learn through play and the activities focus on sensory learning – only by hands on exploration can a child truly internalise information.

After the indoor sessions, the children are ready for some active outdoor play! We are fortunate to have a beautiful shaded garden and can offer wonderful equipment and facilities. Climbing, sandplay, swinging, water play, block building (to name just a few) are eagerly enjoyed by all. The value of free choice is appreciated and the different aged children play alongside each other. Younger children learn a variety of skills from the older ones who in turn practice the skills of tolerance and patience! The Junior Unit has a separate low fenced garden with its own age-appropriate equipment.

From 9.30 until 10.30 the children have snack and Ring time. The daily Rings (lessons), consist of activities based on movement, drama, discussion and music. Children are given numerous opportunities for free expression, both verbally and physically. Children are taught sound listening skills which form the basis of all further learning.

Another “free choice” play session takes place from 10.30 to 11.30. The children are encouraged to make independent decisions regarding where they spend their time. There are four activity areas available to them; namely Creative, Cognitive, Fantasy and Outdoors. Children are encouraged to make good use of all of these areas throughout the week.

The formal school day ends with language extensions and Story time…… a calm, quiet session after a fun busy day!

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