For over sixty years we have been making a difference to children’s lives.  From 2 years old to six years of age we grow and nurture individuals, during that most precious and crucial time when little people are learning all about themselves and the world around them. 

Our first priority has always been, and will remain, the children.  Glenridge Pre-Primary is committed to child-centered education that allows children to learn through play and exploration.  Our main objective is to satisfy the physical, emotional, intellectual, developmental and social needs of the child.  The teachers, parents and school governing body (past and present) have worked tirelessly to establish an environment that addresses all of these requirements.  We believe that we have created an environment in which children thrive.

The children are cared for and supervised by Glenridge’s highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff throughout the day.  Our teachers are an important part of Glenridge’s success as they are not only responsible for educating curious young minds, but they are also responsible for providing warmth, love, safety and security.

At Glenridge we take great pride in our role as educators and care-givers.  Our greatest reward is seeing children evolve into happy, confident, curious and creative individuals.

At Glenridge Pre-Primary School,

Education for life is our concern.

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