DANCE – Leigh Morck

Learning to dance is not just about pointing your toes, standing up straight and looking good on stage. Leigh Irwin from the Pirouette Dance studio says her classes are a fun way of devel­oping physical and mental co-ordination and promoting young creative imaginations through music and dance. She encourages the children to develop technically and creatively at their own level. Classes teach the basics of dance and combine a couple of different styles, while learning the basics of dance.

Leigh Irwin 083 336 3270

Skills learnt: The emphasis during classtime is lots of fun, while learning the basics of dance, bending, jumping, turning, poise and self-discipline etc. Both Boys and girls will fit in easily and both will benefit accordingly.  I concentrate on developing physical and mental co-ordination, as well as promoting their creative imagination, all through music and dance. We will explore various styles of dance during each term, from modern and jazz to hip hop and ballet, as well as stretching and limbering our bodies.

Program structure: 2 groups: Juniors (Yellow, Red and Orange groups) and Seniors (Green and Blue groups).

The classes start with a warm up and then go into a movement section, ending off with fantasy/creativity.

Dress: girls: leotards and skirts are to be worn and are available at most ballet shops, but shoes are not necessary! Boys can wear a vest and some shorts.

Duration of class: 30 minutes at 12:30 and 13:00. We also have parents watching days and a small performance at the end of the year.

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